Episode 10: Kids and Weightlifting

A weighty subject.

Ok, that was a bad pun.

This week we’re talking about kids and lifting weights, and why its good for them. We’ll educate you a little on what weightlifting is and is not, though. And what kids can do and shouldn’t do.

We’ll also talk a little about the benefits of kids weightlifting, like confidence, self esteem, and focus.

We mention some resources for finding someone in your area who is qualified and trustworthy, if you’re interested in getting your kids into strength sports:

Brand X Method (Jeff and Mikki Martin run a second-to-none program that has some awesome information and tools for parents who are interested in learning more about this, and finding a qualified coach.

In the Kansas City area, in no specific order:

Kristina gave a shout out to Jerrell Barber @ Strength Guild (olympic lifting, general conditioning)

Sarah recommended Kansas City Barbell (general strength training, olympic lifting, and powerlifting)

and Anna Martin at KC Weightlifting (olympic lifting)

Products We Love This Week:

Kristina has totally fallen in love with the Rocketbook, a notebook you can write, but also digitally saves all your notes, so you can re-use the same notebook without having to lose your notes.

and Sarah finally found an amazing digestive bitters formula in Urban Moonshine bitters. She has been using these to support digestion and really loves that they reduce after meal bloating, too.

You can listen here:



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