We’re Kristina and Sarah

We have both been women entrepreneurs for years, while also being moms, wives, and so much more. We appreciate humor in everything. We love to find new ways to be healthier and happier. We try not to be terrible moms. And we hope our husbands find our insanity endearing in a cute and quirky way, not in a ‘what the fuck is she doing now’ kind of way.

Our Story

We met each other at work. Where we still work, and won’t name because we’re pretty sure we’d be fired if they listened to our podcast. But we hit it off right away, mostly because dominant females of the species respect each other and don’t want none of that ish.

One day we said ‘Hey, let’s do a podcast.’ That’s literally it. There’s no more to the story.

Anyway, here are the pictures of us you came to stare at

Kristina Banister


Kristina’s the bomb. She is also smart and hot.

Sarah Ashman


Sarah is also the bomb. And she’s also smart and hot.

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